Tlumx is a powerful PHP framework, a set of PHP packages and solutions for quickly creation Web applications of any complexity.

Tlumx packages (also, framework and other solutions) are available on GitHub and can be installed via Composer dependency manager. To test a PHP code, Tlumx uses PHPUnit. Also, as a Continuous Integration service - uses Travis CI.

Tlumx written based on the best development practices and follows PHP-FIG standards.

Tlumx is easy to use, which will allow beginners to start working with it very quickly.

Tlumx framework is very fast, secure and gives high performance. It has a very flexible, extensible architecture, which allows you to easily implement third-party packages (or your implementation). This approach meets all the needs of developers when writing Web applications.

Tlumx packages contain all the necessary functionality with a very small size.

And also, Tlumx Source code is released under the MIT license.